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Inspired by the teachings of the Holy Quran and Hadith the formation of Yateemkhana Anjuman Khadimul Islam came into being in 1910 by the God fearing, philanthropist and well-wishers of Yateem(orphan).
Yateemkhana Anjuman Khadimul Islam a unique centre for giving shelter, food and education to the orphans and children of weaker section of the society was established by then God fearing, well-wishers of orphans and philanthropists of Patna City of State of Bihar in the year 1910 at Patna City.
The century old institution of Azimabad which enjoys the personal and cordial attachment of your forefathers. The existing of such an organization for over ten decades is itself a miracle and the blessing of the donors and the founders. The main cause for striding this organization on the path of progress is its special curriculum. The main feature which distinguishes the character of this Yateemkhana Anjuman Khadimul Islam is its emphasis on contemporary curriculum besides the religious education which forms the basis of this institution. In pursuance of the modern need job oriented courses are also added in the curriculum wherein 450 boys & girls in different section are getting free education apart from boarders numbering.They are totally under our care with free clothes, foods, health facilities. Besides this literacy center and medical camp are managed by the institution. These financial liabilities are met with Zakat, Sadquat, etc from the well wishers of orphans.
The basic idea behind its formation was to bring the orphans, economically marginalized boys and girls of the “Ummah” in the fold of mainstream of the society so that they may not be deprived of their right to education and become good citizen of the country and become economically self supported and do not become a burden on the society or their own family by having education in a disciplined atmosphere with religious background.
Though this institution was established in 1910 in a small rental house at Chaughra, Mughalpura, Patna City. Later in the year 1933 a piece of land consisting an area of 11 Katha was procured at Kashmiri Kothi by the institution in the name of Yateemkhana Anjuman Khadimul Islam.
Later it was felt by the then visionary members of the institution to give the Yateemkhana Anjuman Khadimul Islam a legal status and for this a committee of high profile people consisting of Lawyers, Educationists, Bureaucrats and Social Workers was formed to prepare the Bye-Laws of the institution for its smooth running and to get it registered under the Society Registration Act- XXL of 1860 in the year 1938 by the Asst. registrar of Joint Stock Companies bearing No. 9/38 in the name of Yateemkhana Anjuman Khadimul Islam. And since then it has been running and managed under its registered Bye Laws.

Organization of Yateemkhana Anjuman Khadimul Islam :
As per the bye-laws of the Society the following bodies have been formed to control the management, administration and entire activities of the Society.
1. Majlis-e-Aamma (Council)
2. Majlis-e-Aamla (Working Body)
Majlis-e-Aamma (Council)
For the smooth and effective functioning of the Yateemkhana Anjuman Khadimul Islam a council has been framed in accordance with the by-laws of the Society consisting of 50 (fifty) members which is called “Majlis-e-Aamma” for the administration, management and control of the entire organization, wings and other relevant activities. Every year an Annual General Meeting is held to review the progress, approve the annual budget, and review the financial account of the Anjuman and discuss about the future plan. As per Bye Laws of the Society, 1/5th members of the Majlis-e-Aamma is dissociated and new members are inducted to fill-up the vacancy. This is constituted at every three years. It is the apex body which forms “Majlis-e- Aamla (Working Boby). Apart from the Annual General Meeting a quarterly meeting of the members is held for review of the progress of the Anjuman and give guidelines to Majlis-e-Aamla (Working Body) in their day to day work.
Majlis-e-Aamla (Working Body)
The Majlis-e-Aamla constitutes the Working Body consisting of 11(eleven) members including President (Finance), Vice President, Secretary, Joint Secretary as office bearers. It looks after the day to day working of the Anjuman and implements the decision of Majlis-e-Aamla. Every month a meeting of this Body is held to review the Anjuman activities.

Educational,Vocational, Social & other Welfare Institutions of the Yateemkhana Anjuman Khadimul Islam:
Nazra Wing (Recitation of Holy Quran):
In this section the student who do not read Glorious Quran are given basic knowledge (reading).This facility is extended to boarders (inmate of the Yateemkhana Hostel).
Hifz Wing (Memorization of Holy Quran):
In this wing the student who completed the Nazra (reading of Holy Quran) correctly is admitted on the test basis. After completing this course which for a duration of 2 to 3 years certificate of Hifz is awarded in a function called "Dastar Bandi" every year by hand of eminent Islamic Scholars before Holy Ramzan. The option is opened to the pass out Hafiz to join School for general, contemporary and technical education provided by the Anjuman. This facility is extended to boarders (inmate of the Yateemkhana Hostel).
Contemporary Education Wing :
Half- time Industrial Middle School:
To educate and train orphans and poor children this wing was established in 1912 wherein schooling curriculum based Bihar Text Book Committee and vocational courses containing Arts Craft like Knitting, Tailoring, Weaving etc. were taught. This section was open to boarder and day scholars.

Khadimul Islam High School:
It was further felt by the members of the Anjuman that the Half Time Industrial Middle School is not coping with the growing need of the modern time with ever increasing population of the locality and the importance of higher education it was decided by the Apex Body to upgrade this school and technical education too. Therefore this school was upgraded up to secondary level and permission for establishment is granted by the Bihar School Examination Board, Patna. At present 400 students are studying in this school ranging from class I to class Xth. The curriculum adopted by the institution is as per Bihar School Examination Board with theology and mythology.

Khadimul Islam Inter College :
There is no safe area for providing higher education especially to the girl students particularly for Muslim girls it was envisaged to establish an Inter college with adequate infrastructure. Thus Khadimul Islam Inter College, Patna City saw the first dawn of its s life on the 5th June 2001 with facilities of Science and Arts. Run and administered by the parent body, Yateemkhana Anjuman Khadimul Islam Education Society, Patna City. And a new Building with G+ 3 foundations was constructed consisting an area of 9000sft. For academic block and another G+3 foundation building for science block. The college is also granted permission for establishment in Science & Arts faculties with Bihar School Senior Secondary Examination Board, Patna. In these faculties 500 students are studying.
Process of admission is at par with the standard colleges of the town which is defined in the Prospectus printed by the college.

Primary Literacy Centre :
The population of this area is socially, educationally and economically very weak. The parents whose economical condition is not sound are not in a position to send their ward in any school which add to illiteracy. Keeping in mind this alarming situation the committee seriously feels its responsibility to give free Primary education at least to those youngsters who are engaged in small works the Anjuman established Primary Literacy Centers at different localities.
Every Centre has strength of at least 30 students between to age group of 5 to 8 years.
Every year approximately 30 to 40 students are enrolled as regular student in our school. The curriculum is based on English, Hindi, Urdu, and Mathematics and Science with Islamiyat.
Children should be children. And what can be more exciting and enjoyable for children than their visiting an amusement park or just spending their free time in a manner they choose. Every day an hour is devoted to recreation when children can do any thing they like. We provide all the necessary sports articles viz Cricket, Bat, Ball, Skipping ropes, Carrom, Badminton etc. From time to time our children go out along with elders to the Zoo, Circus etc.
Hostels :
There are boarding, food, education, health care, sports and other facilities which are provided free of cost to Muslim orphan boys and girls. For this there are two separate Hostels. The Boys Hostel Building with all modern facilities with G +3 foundations consisting of an area of 5072 sqrft. Has been renovated on old structure wherein 45 students are the boarder who are getting education of "Nazra" "Hifz". Every day after "Namaz-e-Fajr" one Complete Holy Quran is recited and "Iesal-e- Sawab" is done who enroll for this and for the Well-wisher and Founders of this Anjuman. Full timer Hafiz, Alim and other staff are there to look after the children. A separate hostel for girls in the school premises with G+ 3 foundations has been built with modern facilities and 24 hours security is also available. Besides this full timer Lady Staff to supervise the girls are also provided. Hygienic food are supplied free of cost to both the hostel wings on prescribed menu.

Facilities provided for Hostel inmates:
1. Free lodging with bed, cupboard, medical aid and health checkup.
2. Free food on hygienic preparation with menu changing every week.
3. Free maintenance such as provision of footwear, clothes, soaps, hair oil and hair cutting at regular intervals etc.
4. Free supply of reading materials such as books, exercise books, pencil etc.
5. Free education up to higher secondary level.
6. Free supply of out door and indoor game articles.
7. Generator and Inverter facility so that their academic progress do not suffer.
8. Pocket Money for their out of pocket expenses.
Summer vacation courses:
The students of middle and higher classes are kept busy with courses like spoken English, Basic Computer education and others job oriented tasks as per their curriculum.
Sports and Games:
Physicals activities by way of sports and games are as necessary as formal education in children life. There is a spacious play ground for outdoor games like football, cricket, and badminton. Indoor games like caroms, Rope Skip etc. are also made available to the students. A Common Rooms for boys and girls separately is also provided wherein Magazines, Newspapers, periodicals are also made available apart from rich library also functioning during school hours.
Health & Hygiene :
Individual medical records are maintained to monitor the health aspect of the boarders by the Health In charge under guidance of noted physicians Viz Dr. S.S Ali Khan and Dr. Mehdi Imam.
Photo Identity cards :
Photo Identity Card is issued to all the boarders showing the minimum basic information.
Staff of Khane-e-Yatama :
Two wardens separately for the boys are made responsible for the day today activities of the children. One accountant and clerk under the supervision and guidance of the managing committee look after the accounts and transition regularly. Computer operator is also available. Two cooks and one attendant are on the role of Khane-e-Yatama with specific duties.
Social, Constructive and Welfare Activities:
Apart from the education activities the institution has not confined itself to mere traditional pattern of education rather it is keeping pace with the growing need of the modern world, extracurricular activities are also being held in the vast campus of school. Functions, Seminars on different topics are organized on regular intervals where student s of the School participates. National festivals like Republic Day, Independence Day, and Bihar Devas etc. are celebrated with active participation of school students. In these functions VIPs and Celebrities of the town give glow with their presence in the functions.
Besides, organizing national functions the Anjuman also organize Jalsa-e-Seeratun Nabi (PBUH).Jalsa-e-Dastar Bandi for pass out students of "Hifz Section. Eminent Islamic Scholars of the country participate in these Jalsa.
Health Awareness Camps:
Health Awareness Camps on different topics are also organized in the Anjuman campus for making people of the locality to make them conscious and aware of fatal and hazardous diseases like AIDS, Cancer, T.B. Polio, Maleria etc. with the active co-operation of the eminent physician of the town.
Eye Camps:
Eye Camps are also organized in the premises of the Anjuman to give free advice and treatment to the patients suffering ophthalmic problems.
In the month of Idul Azha, Qurbani is an essential part of Islam for those who are Sahe-e-Nasab. There is adequate arrangement in the Yateemkhana to perform Qurbani. Interested persons used to avail this arrangement and offer animal for Qurbani. In this way the orphans and the poor people of the locality are benefited with this.
Dastar Bandi :
Huffaz who have completed Memorizing Holy Quran were awarded certificate of Honor in a function attended by eminent Islamic Scholar's. Huffaz has been admitted in School education and vocational training and few of them left for higher religious education.
Construction of Community Hall:
The area is densely populated and there is acute problem of organizing marriage and other social function by the people of the locality keeping this view a community hall with name of Maulana Md. Ali Jauhar was constructed and this hall is open to all without discrimination of caste and creed and religion.
Financial Assistance for YateemKhana A. K. Islam:
" It is not righteous that you turn your faces East or West; but it is righteous to believe in Allah and the Last Day and the Angles and the Book and the Messengers to spend of your sustenance out of love for Him for your kin, for orphan, for the needy, for the wayfarer, for those who ask, and for ransom of slaves, to be steadfast in prayer and practice regular charity to fulfill the contracts which you made and to be firm and patient in pain(suffering) and adversely and throughout all periods of panic. Such are the people of truth, the God fearing."(Quran-2.177)
As it has been stated earlier that all the activities of Yateemkhana is done free of cost, the sources of income which covers the expenses of these activities like free food, maintenance of orphans, salaries of teachers and employees etc. Conducting of Awareness Programmes , Social Functions , teaching expenses such as procurement of books for library, Lab. Equipments, Computer Soft wares, Machine for Knitting & Tailoring and consumable items for dress making, nursing etc. involve huge expenditure which are all meat with the public donations like Sadquah, Zakat, Fitra, Qurbani and Skin. At times we feel handicapped in our expansion and development progmme due to paucity of fund. No Government Aid is available for the Anjuman. As the expenditure is very high the Institution need generous financial assistance from public, voluntary organizations so that the dream of the founders of the Yateemkhana is fulfilled. The fund can be remitted on the following nature to strengthen the exchequer of the Anjuman:
The Breakup of the financial Assistance:
(A) For Hifz Section: This fund has been generated for the maintenance of "Yatamas" (Orphans). The modes operandi followed by the institution is to receive money per capita for orphans for yearly or half yearly basis for students pursuing “Hifz” for a duration of 3 (three) years. The estimated cost per student per year is Rs.12, 000/-(including, food, clothes.
(B) For School/ College students: Students who are studying in school are in two forms (i) Day Scholar (ii) Boarders. For day Scholars cost of Books, Stationery items come to Rs.2, 000/- per student per year. And for Boarders the cost of Books, Stationery Items, Food, and Clothes & Maintenance comes to Rs.14, 000/- per annum.
(C) Honorarium for Teachers: Since the institution is un-aided by the government cost of expenditure on this head is very high for providing quality education especially on subjects like Science and Maths. A generous donation on this head will also be welcome as this community is national builder as such they should be properly remunerated if quality education is guaranteed.
(D) For Primary Literary Centre: Nearly four to five such centres are being run under the management of Yateemkhana to bring those children whose parents do not afford to send them to schools the institution has come up to educate them at its down cost. The minimum annual cost for running and maintenance of these centres is Rs.30, 000/- per centre.