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  • Kashmiri Kothi, Patna City - 800008
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  • Mission & Vision

Aims & Objects :
The aims and objects of the Yateemkhan Anjuman Khadimul Islam and mentioned in its Bye- Laws is as under: 1. To educate orphans and destitute and give them religious and contemporary education and also make them such person who could be of use for country and nation.
2. To establish educational institution and a half –time industrial school for the orphans, destitute and poor children without discrimination.
3. Efforts to be made for the procurement of livelihood for the Pass- out students from Half –time Industrial School.
4. To establish national service and set alive example of human sympathy, brotherhood, tolerance and to render all kind of services with true and sincere sentiments.

Vision :
The intellectuals and visionary people of that time wanted to have the destitude members of the society to give them exposure in the career formation. It was their vision that this institution treasures its students and endeavors to provide them the best educational opportunities and exposures that would hone them their skills and shape them into world class professionals. For materializing their visionary dream they proposed to establish vocational training centers along with contemporary education in the time to come. They stressed that it would be the utmost responsibility of the committee of the Yateemkhana Anjuman Khadimul Islam to provide easy access to the best education possible. And also strive to bring their hidden strength and latent qualities and make them aware to identify their weakness.

Mission :
Our mission is to shelter, feed, cloths, and provide health care, sports activities and to educate orphans in particular and others in a general in a loving and nurturing environment enabling them to reach their full potential like other youths.