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  • Kashmiri Kothi, Patna City - 800008
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  • Secretary's Message

Respected brethren/sisters in Islam,
In the name of Allah Subhanhu Ta’la who is kind and merciful.
" And whosoever you spend of any thing (in the cause of Allah), He will replace it . He is the Best of those who grants sustenance"- (Surah Saba Ayat 34:39)
You are well aware that Yateemkhana Anjuman Khadimul Islam, Kashmiri Kothi, Patna City is a century old orphanage of the city of Azimabad established in the 1910. The sustenance of this organization for over ten decades is itself a miracle and the blessing s goes to the founders and donors. You must know that your fore-father had a personal affinity and cordial attachment to this organization. You will really be pleased to know that your organization holds a distinguished and prestigious place in the city and is steering its way towards progress and development day-in and day-out in the sphere of education. This is mainly due to special frame work of its academic curriculum. This institution is not confined merely to the traditional method of religious education and restricts the curriculum to the teachings of “Nazra” (Recitation of Holy Quran) and “Hifz” (Memorizing the Holy Quran) .Rather the institution put great emphasis on modern and contemporary education keeping pace with the ever changing world. Industrial as well as vocational training centers have introduced and student were persuaded to get themselves enrolled in this centre to face the challenge of the day.
The sources of income for the activities of Yateemkhana depends mainly on public donation from Muslim “Ummah” in cash and in kind such as Zakat, Sadquah, Fitra, usher and Animal Hides( at the time of Eidul-Azha) which hardly cover the huge recurring expenditure such as Mess and Maintenance expenses of orphans, Teachers’ Salary and other day-to-day administrative expenses. Philanthropists, Benefactors, and God Fearing people have also contributed wholeheartedly for construction of School Building, separate Hostels for Boys and Girls, Deep Submersible Boring, Community Hall for community functions.
Through the school is affiliated Bihar School Examinations Board Patna but still it is un aided. All the expenditures are solely borne by the Yateemkhana from its limited recourses which is too meager to keep the both ends meet.
The resources of the institution is so limited that any future plan prospective projects for its development cannot be implement or executed due to acute paucity of fund. Here, we feel helpless and handicapped and have bit no option to look forward towards the helping hand from the generous people of Ummah who could come forward and share the noble cause.
Mode of help:-
Today you can help and Join with us
1 Pay salary of a teacher for one month amounting at least Rs.12,000/-
2 You can help us by sponsoring boarders (boys & girls) amounting to Rs.10,000/- per year per students.
3 You can also help by sponsoring in the form of Kafala for Hifz amounting to Rs.10,000/-per year per Students
4 You can help us by clothes, Soaps, books, library , Almirah.etc
You can call us to collect your donations, contributions through following Contact No.+91 9504251710 (office of the Anjuman ), 7301175522 (Hon. Secretary, Mr. Md. Mushtaque Alam), 9955019190( Hon. President – Mr. Irshad Ali Azad) for NRIs please contact Dr. Ejaz Nazir, U.K, e-mail – drejaznazir@yahoo.co.uk our institution is also registered with FCRA 031170130.
You may also send your donations to Yateemkhana Anjuman Khadimul Islam, Kashmiri Kothi, Patna City.
In Allahabad Bank Account No. 50090470750 IFC Code ALLA0212285 MICR Code 800010017. The fund may be remitted by e-banking.